Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CrossFit Biz

Things have really started to pick up for us and the Payne's here in Brunei at Reebok CrossFit 673. While, yes, Justin and I have been training around 15 classes a week we have been doing much more than just that. We joined a gym nutrition seminar, shadowed a foundations class (3 weeks of 9 sessions learning the essential movements of CF and reasoning behind the CrossFit prescription), and have been perpetually sore from continuously working out. In addition, because of a connection 673 had with the downtown event planner, we were invited to host events on the waterfront during a festival. Around 30 of the gym's athletes showed up and were viewed by crowds of 75+ people! It was an excellent opportunity to invest in Brunei and gather people around living a healthy lifestyle.

The thing that keeps Anna and I engaged and inspired to work here is Reebok CrossFit 673's community. It is full of energetic, creative, and strong people we enjoy.

 All who participated in the waterfront event

Me demonstrating a squat snatch

 The morning audience was a bit more sparse

Jimmy (a 673 trainer) teaching the 'front rack' position

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