Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nickel Creek - Destination - Anticipation

Nickel Creek is my long standing favorite band. It all started back in my CMT (Country Music Television) days... I was in middle school with ample time on my hands, lived in a small small town, and we had very few channels on our TV. I laid ears on their video for This Side and I dove in, head first. Thus began my 6:30am wake up calls to Ode to a Butterfly & The Smoothie Song, much to the dismay of my younger brother, bonding with my dad in his truck over a mutual affection for bluegrass as we harmonized to The Fox, leading to years later when I was lucky enough to sit in the fifth row at their "Farewell (For Now)" Tour, tearing up as they performed Jealous of the Moon.

Since then, I've followed Chris Thile's other projects with the Punch Brothers and the Goat Rodeo Sessions (AMAZING) and Sara Watkins' solo stuff.  I didn't follow Sean Watkins as much - sorry bud.

Imagine my excitement when Nickel Creek as a whole put out a new single leading up to a new album! It is called Destination and my anticipation is growing rapidly. It has similar drive to songs like Helena from their last, but there is a new quality to the sound that I am excited to experience in the upcoming album.

In my book, so far, Nickel Creek can do no wrong.  Of course, anyone that collaborates with Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, and Yo-Yo Ma will probably not disappoint.

My hope is that you will rekindle your love for this group or discover the beauty! Enjoy!

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