Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How Do You Do It | Part 1

A different set of skills come along with the logistics of twin life. How do you pick up two babies at once? How do you feed two babies at the same time? If both babies are screaming, how do you calm them? This happens to parents of more than one child all the time, but it is a different ball game when the children are the same age with similar skills when it comes to walking, standing, communicating, etc. Not to mention the intrigue of the situation rises as twins make up 1 of 80-200 pregnancies (that statistic varies depending on who you ask, the nation, the age of the mother...).

Because of this, I am asked the same question a lot.

"How do you do it?"

Usually I laugh, sigh, or say "very carefully". Rarely do I answer that question with a step by step description of how I gave them both a shower, dried them off, got them diapered, and clothed without dropping one or losing my mind.

I think that these processes are interesting, creative, and absolutely comical. So, here is the first video in a series called, "How Do You Do It". I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our everyday!

This video is of how I put the twins in the car. It can be especially tricky since we don't live on a ground floor!


And here is a picture of Daddy, doing his thing.


  1. This is awesome super mama...I love that you're smiling through it all and not a bead of perspiration :)

  2. Sarah took the words right out of my mouth! Love you happy, super mama:)

  3. Most impressive!
    I love it and look forward to "How do you feed them"?

    Like the smiles and the satisfied babies in the car!