Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eighteen Months!

The twinsies are Eighteen months! And me-oh-my have they changed since my last update on their first birthday. The past six months have flown by... Well, the past eighteen months have flown by. When the twins were newborns, I couldn't imagine myself writing those words!! And now here we are - walking, running, and using a few words.

One of the most fascinating things we've seen is their use of what seems to be their own language. They jibber jabber back and forth to communicate with each other. There are "words" in their common tongue that they use often enough for me to have learned them. I'll say, "Bah-tick-a bah-tick-a BAH" and they'll giggle, then start saying it! Oh, how I wish I knew what I was saying! When I put them down for naps or bedtime, they'll spend a good twenty minutes chatting in the dark, throwing teddy's back and forth to each other, sharing giggles. They've also started giving each other "tickles" and playing games of peek-a-boo.

One of the twins' favorite toys is a cardboard house that Grandpa Aderton made while they were visiting us. Eli and Ella will sit inside together, doing nothing, for ten minutes straight. Sometimes I'll think, "oh my gosh... where are the babies??" and there they'll be... sitting together in a cardboard house.

However, right now, it is not always toddler giggles, smiles, and tickles. They fight, steal, push, and pull. There are days I wonder if they will ever be friends, or if we are destined to a life of stealing each other's ball, pushing the other off my lap, and pulling the other's hair. We are learning. We are all learning. I am determined to teach them how blessed they are to have each other.

Eleanor Twain

-26lbs 84cm
-Eleanor is territorial of me and her toys. When she is on my lap and Eli tries to sit on my lap also, she will scream and push him away, or just get up and leave. If she sees a toy she wants and can't get to it, she becomes inconsolable. She'll point at it and yell, "Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!" 
-The main object of Eleanor's affection is a pair of pink hand-me-down swimsuit bottoms. It completely baffles me. She MUST have these bottoms. Like, outta-control gotta have 'em.
-Favorite Toys: My Little Pony, Abby Cadabby, headbands, shoes, the broom.
-Words: mama, dada, shoes, Nonnie, tickle-tickle, uh oh, no no no.
-She enjoys telling Eli when he is naughty. She waves her hand in his face and says, "no no no!"
-Flutter runs.
-She is super obedient - she understands and obeys multiple directions.
-Strongly favored dad, starting to favor mom.
-She loves to watch Baby Einstein. I think she has a crush on the tiger puppet.
-The adventurous side of her is in full force when she encounters and conquers slides & ball pits.
-She likes reading books before bed.
-She is into opening doors (and locking doors... oops).

Elijah Victor

-31lbs 87cm
-Elijah is so big. He doesn't quite know how to use his body. He is stronger than he realizes and this causes some collisions.
-He is a sweet, sensitive fella.
-Cuddles is the name of his game. Snugglers gotta snuggle.
-Favorite Toys: Flashing balls, all balls, all technology (we've recently been giving some ipad privileges), ring stacker, anything soft and fluffy, broom.
-Eli is not super obedient. He is told no multiple times before he listens... if he listens.
-Thunder runs. Boomboomboomboom.
-Words: mama, dada, tickle-tickle, RAWR.
-Strongly favored mom, starting to favor dad.
-His hair is still red, my heart soars.
-He loves to watch Baby Einstein. Anytime we sit down to watch it he immediately mimics the tiger puppet, turning his head to the side and squealing.
-He loves to crawl and climb over, under, and onto everything. He'll frequently get stuck halfway off a chair and scream until I help him finish the next 3 inches to the floor.
-He will sing back to me and match my pitch <3
-He must play the piano when mama plays the piano.
-Loves Mike Mogard.

*Thanks to Nicole Payne for these great pictures!


  1. Oh my, oh my. They are really growing up! Such beautiful kiddos. Thanks, Nicole, for the wonderful pics! Love you, Eli! Love you, Ella!

  2. Oh my cuteness! I love them. That last picture is perfection.

  3. So fun! Cute that they have their own language

  4. Eighteen months! What wonderful smiles and you can almost hear them giggle!
    I think it will only get better as you learn the language, or they learn yours.
    Thanks so much for the pictures and updates.
    Love to you all.