Wednesday, May 22, 2013

On The Road

Traveling has become a lot more involved with two babies. We try to leave on time, only to realize there are still ten more things to do. I am a very punctual person, so this is a lesson on flexibility. Also, there is so much to bring for four people traveling for ten days. I counted at least ten bags in our car!
-My clothes
-Dan's clothes
-My shoes/toiletries
-Dan's backpack
-My backpack
-Diaper bag
-Bag of diapers
-Bottle bag
-Huge bag for baby stuff...
Not to mention two car seats and a double stroller. Thank goodness for this massive trunk! Otherwise we'd have to strap the carseats to the roof! (JK mom)
We add on an hour for every 2.5 hours or so. That extra hour is to stop and feed the babies. However, if we are forty minutes away we try to stick it out and give babies their pacifiers. This usually results in me sitting between the carseats in the back with both hands occupied by keeping pacifiers in baby's mouths. Then there is the challenge of having a conversation with my love driver over cries, air conditioner, and general car loudness. This doesn't happen often. And for that I am thankful.
Here are some pictures to give you a bit of an idea!

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