Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Samuel!

Happy Birthday to my loved big brother!

There is always something else happening around Sam's birthday. Two years ago it was my bachelorette party, followed by rehearsal, and wedding. I cannot actually think of a year when we didn't have a wedding, vacation, or something of the sort on Sam's day. This year was no exception with the Biddick family reunion!

In an attempt to honor by big bro I wrote a little song for him and sang it while Dan accompanied on the guitar for the family reunion talent show. I love making song parodies, so I wrote this to the tune of "Gone Gone Gone" by Phillip Phillips (I love this original song, too). Here are the lyrics to Sam's birthday song:

Twenty-eight years ago Sam came out from down below
And it was swell
It was swell

Katie Sam Anna then Jake but now it's time to celebrate
Our Samuel
Our Samuel

You give us laughter, love, and fun
Comparable to no one

This birthday song is for you, for you
We're thankful for who you are
I love you near and I'll love you far
For you, for you
Sam it's you we celebrate 
Even though on this date
We planned our family reunion

If Evie ever starts to cry I know you'll be there by her side
To be her help
Be her help

And then you'll teach her how to fart as if it were a work of art
You know it as well
Know as well

You always look out for me
and give me giggles abundantly

This birthday song is for you, for you
We're thankful for who you are
I love you near and I'll love you far
For you, for you
Sam it's you we celebrate
and I think you're really great
Sam I think you're really oh so great

Last night we went out to dinner with the siblings and some friends. We shared some of the things we love most about Sam. I shared two stories that describe Sam's loyalty, protective heart, and caring spirit.

 #1 He broke up with my first boyfriend for me over MSN messenger (if that person ever reads this, I am so sorry). Sam felt compassion for his little sister and wanted to do whatever possible to help me, protect me, and be there for me. Oh, 8th grade me - dear sweet 8th grade me.
#2 When I was having a really rough first year of college he would stop whatever he was doing and come pick me up. He would be out with his friends and make them all, packed in a tiny car, come get me from my dorm. He would then let me sleep in his bed while he slept on the couch. He talked through so many things with me that I probably owe him thousands of dollars in therapy bills. 

Other people shared things about Sam's free spirit, hilarity, and generosity.

Happy Birthday, Sam! I'm so thankful for the man God created you to be!  

Let's not forget that he cried when he sang at my wedding. Let's never forget that.

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  1. Dear Children,
    Thank you for loving each other.