Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy birthday Reebok Crossfit 673! And my next steps!

A year ago Dan was here to help open Reebok Crossfit 673 during The Beast of the Southeast competition. Now, here we are celebrating a year gone by! The day started with a WOD (workout of the day) on the beach and then a grill out. It was so fun to meet the people from "The Box" (a.k.a. gym) and spend time outdoors on a beautiful day. Everyone was super welcoming and, of course, crazy over the twinsies.

Today I start going to the foundations classes. I CANNOT WAIT! I went to two different boxes while in the states and quickly realized that working out in an atmosphere where there are many other people driving toward the same goals and values helps me work significantly harder than when I'm with Dan in our garage :) 

I'm thankful for the progress I've already made - after the babies were born I couldn't do a single sit up, couldn't run a mile, and don't even think about a push up of any sort. Now I've gotten my mile down to ten minutes, I'm well on my way to strict push ups, and sit ups are a breeze. I'm actually able to do the heavy lifting day movements with a lot more than the 45lb bar. I have a desire to be healthy and strong. I want to honor God by honoring my body and this, along with healthy eating, is how I'm choosing to do so! I'm excited for the day that I do a kipping pull up or a handstand push up! And I am thankful for a program that encourages fitness and health. Just by hanging out yesterday, I've seen how cool of a community CrossFit 673 is. Both Dan and I can't wait to get plugged in. 

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