Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lessons in 2013

My mother (great blogger/incredible writer) just wrote a post about the lessons she encountered in 2013. As she put it, 

"I hope you noticed that the title of this post is not 'Lessons Learned in 2013'. Although I've made a few strides this year, I seem to be on a perpetual track of learning and re-learning and re-re-learning." 

Amen, sister. I am actually laughing out loud as I think about how many lessons I've met in this year of giving birth to multiples and moving overseas. So, here are just some of the lessons from 2013. 

A selfless attitude and a servant heart will make a strenuous season easier.
The first month of motherhood was tough! It was easy to be consumed with what I wanted and what I needed - it was then that I became fearful, selfish, and not fun. The times when I was more focused on God, Dan, and the Twins were times of peace and contentment.

Five hours of uninterrupted sleep can actually change your life.
1 hour of sleep will make everything seem like melting dirty ice cream. On that note...

It takes a village...
And I am so thankful for the metropolis of people who help and encourage. 

The internet is amazing.
Dan and I get to FaceTime with our families and show the twins their Aunties, Uncles, and Grandparents. We can stay up to date with friends (although I'm still working on connecting with everyone!), we can know when there is a blizzard in WI, my sister can text me a video of my nephews, my brothers can text me a picture of their shenanigans.

The internet is not a replacement for personal contact.
While it is of great importance to use the internet to stay in touch, there is no replacement for face to face conversations, hugs, and having dinner together.

During conflict it is more important to have a pure heart than to figure out the problem.
I would rather fix my heart into a place of peace/purity and put the discussion on hold, than plow through the conflict with anger or bitterness.

If I don't agree with or understand why someone does what they do, it doesn't always mean that I'm right and they're wrong.
Just because I didn't understand why everyone here backs into their parking spaces instead of simply pulling straight into them, doesn't mean that my way of parking is superior and right. I learned that in these tight parking spaces, it can be easier to make a sharp turn while backing up into the space. 

Pursuing fitness doesn't have to be running a marathon. It can be fun. Running is the worst. 
I like what I'm learning to do in Crossfit. I like lifting 80lbs over my head. It makes Eli seem a lot lighter ;) and it makes running seem like less of an enemy. 

My creativity is not limited by my resources or circumstance.
Creativity is all about originality and imagination. If I don't have the supplies, time, space to do something... I'll use my imagination and originality to make it happen or to do something else. 

I can hardly imagine 2014 being more eventful than 2013, but in my heart I know there are many adventures to come. Cheers!

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  1. Whoohoo, great lessons and thanks for sharing them!
    I agree, your mom is a wise, witty blogger, and so are you!