Monday, February 3, 2014

Play Dating

Last week our sweet friend Jo invited us, Nicole, and James to play date at a school! She has a precious and beautiful little girl who is only a few months younger than the twins. "New mom" talk abounds as we encourage and enjoy each other's company. I love getting together and am so thankful for the friendship!

The play area was outside, but in the shade with fans overhead - ideal. It was pleasant to have fresh air minus the hot hot heat. There were cute little play areas like a water station, a huge sandbox, arts table, legos, etc. We mainly hung out on the foam floor and the babies "played with" (chewed on) the toys while we gals did some catching up. The twins became pretty ambitious and crawled their way around much of the area, which kept me busy. And somehow Eleanor found leaves and shoes to chew on in lieu of actual toys - at least it wasn't bugs this time!

The twins are at this weird stage where they are not big enough to play at a playground, but they want to move move move all the time. This was a nice way to get out of the house, but not be strapped into the double stroller. And right now, when it isn't raining, it is gorgeous, outside. To see the afternoon sun shine from behind the palm trees is quite a gift for this midwestern girl. I hope it always stays freshly heart-grasping in my sight.

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