Wednesday, April 30, 2014

As Of Late

We've been busy here! Getting the box ready to go (we're soooo close!), keeping these kiddos entertained/bathed/fed, and helping out friends that had serious medical issues with their son. But we are doing well now, minus a string of cold like symptoms floating about.

Here are a few pictures of the twinsies and some fun things we've done as of late!

I love matching outfits for the twins. I cannot stress that enough. I love them. These matching "I Heart Brunei" t-shirts were a perfect gift. Trying to get these two to sit still long enough to get a clear picture of them both smiling at the camera is now a near impossible feat. I was happy to get the majority of both their faces in the frame!

Our sweet friends had us over to their house for a swim! The twins really love playing in water. They were in there for close to 45 minutes and would've stay in longer if I hadn't taken them out. And all those little balls in the pool were like magic to them.

We had a nice little family outing to lunch and a park. It was 2 o'clock when we got on the playground, which is not an ideal time to play outside here. Even though it was short lived, the twins enjoyed walking/crawling on the grass and experiencing swings for the first time!

The twins discovered my tupperware drawer. It is a nice distraction for them while I make dinner or do the dishes. Ella is really into stacking and putting things into bowls, so she goes nutso for this.

We had these little cuties spend a couple days and a night with us while their parents were helping their little brother get healthy. It was over Easter, so they did a candy hunt, dyed eggs, and wore their Easter best. We enjoyed having them around and spending time with them!

The twins' birthday present from their Grandmas and Grandpas finally came in the mail! This fun teepee is all the rage right now in our apartment. They love to just walk/crawl in and out and in and out, bring toys inside, and play peekaboo from inside. I think it's just the cutest, which is why there are five pictures to follow!

Now we are getting ready for a visit home in less than a month and are bubbling over with excitement!


  1. Fantastic! Love the teepee as well as the matching outfits. The Grands know what is best.
    Look forward to seeing you after your big trip.

  2. That picture of Eli just sitting there in his teepee just melts my heart. What a sweetie! Love ya, miss ya.