Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We Like to Party

I love love love to host parties. I love to plan them. I love to delegate and organize them. I love to open my home and resources to bless people. I love to see the fruition of work. But most of all I love to see my friends having fun and enjoying each other! In the past couple weeks I've had two opportunities to plan and host two super fun parties - a baby shower and an open mic night.

If you were to ask me, “what is one of the things that makes you feel alive?” I have my answer ready. I love to sing. When I perform a song for people, I get lost in it. All sorts of life wells up in the core of my being. If there are any nerves before I stand up in front of everyone, they fall away while the music washes over me and my soul pours out in song.

Since moving to Brunei (or maybe since having the twins?), I haven’t taken time to pursue much creative outlet. And seeing as another thing that gives me life is community, I organized an Open Mic night. It was pretty much my perfect evening: music, friends, and Oreos. We had a lot of fun acts including piano soloists, singers, guitars, ukulele, and magic. I so enjoyed seeing our friends from the box sharing their talents. I mean, we all knew Reza could lift like a beast, but hearing him shred on a Ukulele was not something we all expected *wink*. 

I am really looking forward to our next Open Mic night! (Thanks to Adam for these pictures!)

Nadzri and his beautiful assistant Dan doing some magic

Karaoke around the piano at the end of the night


and a little video of my first attempt singing in Malay! Thanks to Reza!

My friend, Nicole, is due to have baby #2 anytime now! She and I shared half of our first pregnancies together, became mamas within four months of each other, and are learning how to mama as neighbors. Imagine my joy as she enters this stage of life, parenting a toddler and a newborn. To celebrate Nicole and very soon-to-come baby boy, I threw her a baby shower with the help of a few friends.

We had the Mustache Bash at Emily's house, a few people brought some delicious desserts, and my mom-in-law helped me to set up and cut out so many props. Even the Mogard kids lent a hand in the preparations! We played a game called "guess the famous mustache" and another called "pin the mustache on the baby". Can't wait to meet Nicole and Justin's new little gentleman! (Thanks to Nicole for the pictures!)

Our group of gals! + Z :)

"Please, 'stache one away for later"

Tiffany DeHart


  1. i love this mic night thing and i already cant wait for the next one!! awesome post, awesome photos, awesome people. love you girl!

  2. Love it! Who sang the song? I didn't understand a word of it but it was great!
    I note a theme in the mustache party. A good idea is always a good idea!
    Thanks for all the pics and fun for us all to share in.