Saturday, September 28, 2013

Six Months!

The twinsies are six months old! 

Dan's cousin, Scott, gave us the sweetest gift last Christmas. While in Peru he noticed these adorable baby sweaters, bought two, and sent them to us. This is a testament to his thoughtfulness - that while he was in another country, he thought of us, he thought of the twins who weren't even born yet, and he thought ahead. Thanks Scottie! We love you! 

I wanted to make sure we took pictures in these sweaters before we went to a tropical climate. Luckily, fall has set in Wisconsin and the cool, crisp day called for such!

Eleanor's Notables
Still hates tummy time - but getting better!
Hair is changing to be lighter - will we have another blonde in the family?!
Loves the sound of her voice
Sits up on her own a lot better
Puts everything and anything in mouth
Wants to be around people all the time
In love with Uncle Sam
17 lbs!

Elijah's Notables
Gets up on all fours
Scoots forward a bit
Rolls to get where he wants to go
Red hair is vibrant in all it's glory!
Plays by himself really well
Catching on to certain games
In love with Uncle Jacob
21 lbs!

One thing that surprises me
is how different these two are. They were born at the same time, from the same parents, growing in the same environment, given the same things, and they are both made in the image of God. It shows me how vast and many are God's characteristics and how he loves and appreciates all of us in our uniquenesses!


  1. What a great group of pictures and summary of God's unique creation of each of us!!
    Praying for you on this day - October 1st.

  2. Anna - The twins are absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing. This post is so awesome.

    Love you all so much. Also, we are thinking about you, and have your picture on our frig!

    Tiffany Golz (but still an Overlien at heart ;) )