Saturday, October 5, 2013

We've Arrived!

Friends and Family,

We're here! The packing, the travel, the 13 hour transition, is all over.

We went from Baraboo to Chicago to Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore to Brunei.

And the babies did so well.

I can hardly believe it.

We had very little sleep along the way, but we were sustained. There was one point when both babies slept at the same time for about two hours! Dan & I quickly took advantage and slept.

From Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore we had a whole middle row of four seats to ourselves! This was just amazing. We only payed for two seats and then had lap infants, so it was a huge blessing to have two extra seats for ALL OF OUR STUFF. Our stuff... you guys... it was just everywhere. We also had two bassinets that hooked onto the wall in front of us that the babies were able to sleep in - which meant there was no one sitting in front of us. I wish I had a picture of this, but we were focusing on other things ;)

Speaking of who was sitting around us - there were about fifteen traveling stewardesses. Talk about perfect timing. They were with us from Los Angeles to Singapore and helped us so much! They washed bottles, held a baby when a bathroom break was needed, constantly offered us snacks and drinks, oo'd and ahh'd over the twins, played with them, were understanding, and were incredibly gracious. I handed out these baggies to the people nearby, about 30 worth...

The stewardesses said, "We've been flying for 25 years and have never seen anyone do this. It is considerate and we really appreciate it!" Wow. So blessed. Others around were regular traveling folk - they were very understanding and loved the baggies and babies as well.

There were a few things about traveling with twins I had read about on blogs and was warned about that made me feel doomed to horrible travel. Things like how Dan and I wouldn't be able to sit together because of oxygen masks, how we wouldn't be able to have them in their carriers during take off, landing, and through security, etc... but none of those things ever applied to us. How? I'm not asking any questions. Just thankful.

I was not looking forward to going through security with the twins. Every blog I read basically said, "brace yourself and prepare for the worst". Security was as smooth as if I were by myself. People were helpful, understanding, and flexible. The babies were stellar. Going through immigration was the same story. Smooth as could be, easy and quick. 

I managed to watch one movie (The Great Gatsby) on our 11 hour leg.

We had one instance of an inconsolable baby during the last ten minutes of the last descent. I'll take it. 

We are in our second full day here and have almost already completely adjusted to the 13 hour time change. Miracle.

I am thankful for so so many things, including you.

Happy to be on our last leg of the trip.

My sweet sleepy boy.

Baby girl, hanging with the Paynes.

Hyper little girl!

I love matching outfits :)

And now we are staying with friends, loving the view out of our bedroom window...


  1. I'm guys rock!

  2. awh yay! Love this. Love you guys. Love that view.

  3. This is just incredible Anna! Thank you for blogging about it. I'm so so so happy that you all made it there safely and relatively easy! LOVE YOU!

  4. Finally got time to read this---what a miracle! Love you--pam n phil