Thursday, October 31, 2013


Dan and I went out on a date! We already have a favorite spot here called Nur Wanitas - their curry is so scrumptious. We have excellent baby sitters and, as you can see, they had a great night too. We are very thankful to have trustworthy, fun, and loving baby sitters! And so are the twinsies. 

Grandma Aderton bought us a cloth book that can hold pictures, so I put a bunch of our family members inside of it. The twins love playing with it and I love "reading" it to them (saying each family member's name and fun facts about them).

Our dear friends Tiffany and Eric are going to have their baby boy soon! So, we threw Tiff a baby shower! It can be hard to be away from family during these special times, so we are blessed and happy to be there for them as they embark on this exciting journey of parenthood. The shower got pretty crazy when Super-Spider-Man showed up. 

Vangi celebrated a birthday! Us girls went to high tea at The Empire. My childhood dreams came true! It was everything 6 year old and 25 year old Anna could have asked for. We dressed up, went to a fancy hotel, talked with friends, and were served tea, biscuits, cakes, and sandwiches on fine china and silver. I cannot wait to do it again. Thank you, Brunei, for being a former British Colony and appreciating Tea Time. The princess in me is grateful. Pinkies out, everyone!

We went to a tent restaurant on the beach and had hamburgers! Natalie (pictured below with Eleanor) was really talking them up, "They're sooo good!" I told her how excited I was and she replied, "Well, don't let me mislead you. They're good... but they're like... Brunei good." Nothing compares to a greasy burger from Wisconsin. I miss Monks and Zombie Burger. None-the-less, it was a fun time spent with friends in the outdoors. The bottom right picture is Eli with a bunch of the wait staff. People here are not shy about "asking" to (assuming they'll get to) hold the babies. It is something I'm still getting used to and I'm figuring out how I want to handle it, but this time I let them love on him a little. 

Last week I received a wonderful message from my friend, Lindsey.
"Anna - I just found out we will be porting in Brunei! Do you live near Bandar Seri Begawan?"
"Lindsey - I live IN Bandar!"
Thus ensued a magical day. Lindsey is a dear college friend of mine. We lived together for two years and were both in the School of Music. She was and continues to be a light in my life! She is currently working for the Princess Cruise Line with her string quartet and that's why they ported here. We went out to eat with Dan, played with the babies, showed her The Box, and hung out at the beach. The day went by far too quickly, but I know we will see each other again someday, in some country :)

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