Monday, October 28, 2013

CrossFit Happenings

Hi friends and family, Dan here! Over the past couple weeks Anna and I have primarily been doing three things: Looking for a car, exploring housing, and participating in CrossFit. During the first two weeks I went to more than a few classes and was completely and utterly destroyed by Brunei's climate. The moderate heat (88F) plus the stuffy humidity makes it feel as if walking from the car to the box (a.k.a. gym) is my warmup. Last weekend, Mo competed in Kuwait and while gone gave Justin and I the opportunity to train some classes at the box. 
The first class I lead was small, but gave me the ability to really connect with everyone!
Half of Reebok CrossFit 673's space.
We're excited to participate, lead, and get involved at 673. The community is extremely welcoming and has a ton of energy. 

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