Monday, October 21, 2013

Seven Months!

The twinsies are seven months old! That's over halfway to a year. Oh my goodness.

Eleanor's Notables 
Tummy Time Professional! Finally!
Scoots backwards
Loves when we walk into the room 
Opens mouth for spoon about 50% of the time
Sleeping in a room with Eli through the whole night
Will actually cuddle with us :)
Made a new friend - Rachel
Tries to stare at our iPhones
Says mamama and dadada

Elijah's Notables
Scooting - lifting himself up and flopping himself down! It gets him where he's going. 
Loves when we walk into the room
Opens mouth for spoon about 50% of the time
Sleeping in a room with Ella through the whole night
Made a new friend - Rachel
Tries to chew on electrical cords - this is a problem
Says mamama and dadada

For the last couple months I've been waiting to implement a couple things because of our random schedule with traveling - sleep schedules and baby food. I kept saying, "once we get to Brunei and things calm down a bit". That time has finally come! 

So, I'm puréeing carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, etc. It is so nice to make a big batch and then use it throughout the week. I used store bought baby food while we were traveling, and still will sometimes, but it is nice to not spend close to two dollars a meal for each baby. That would be $8 per day and pretty soon $12. We are definitely saving some money doing it this way. I also like knowing everything that's in it! Huge plus. 

So, they have a nap time schedule. This is amazing. I love putting them down to nap at the same time, so much, so so much. It is good for them and good for me. They have a more regular schedule and I have a couple hours during the day to do other things while they sleep. They have a morning and afternoon nap as well as their bedtime. All of which are flexible depending on their needs that day. I just love it. 

The babies had diarrea for about six days. It was bad. And messy. I am thankful for our medical professional friends who are incredibly helpful, even from across the world. And I am thankful for prayers and answers. Eli had a solid poop today. I can't believe I wrote that. But it is a blessing!

All these little happenings to say, things are good :)

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  1. I love your little monthly updates! the 8-month-old we just had in our house LOVED cords. and he crawled super fast. no good.