Monday, October 21, 2013


We went to a local gym's Battle Royale competition. Athlete's from Reebok Crossfit 673 participated and did really well! Some even won their category. It was so fun to watch. We loved seeing people we know and cheering on friends from The Box!

The first picture is Elijah and Dan hanging out together and it makes my heart melt. The second is Eleanor cuddling with Elijah's teddy bear. She has a pink one just like it, but at this point it was still in a suit case. She loves snuggling with teddies when she's asleep! This is the one her Opa Overlien bought for them in the hospital, so it is super special.

It is absolutely crazy hot here - to me at least - so getting outside can be more difficult than you may expect. Well, this day we braved the heat and went for a walk. The roads here are not very conducive to walking most anywhere, let alone taking a double stroller along. Luckily, the home we're living in now is on a quiet street that we can easily and safely walk along. 

The family we are staying with is incredibly helpful. They let us borrow their car, take up a bedroom, let the babies cry it out, share living space, run errands with us, and give us numerous tips for living here. Also, there are four siblings between the ages of 10 and 17 that love spending time with the babies. As I've been writing this post they have been playing with the babies, wiping up their pukes, giving them toys, etc. We are blessed and thankful!

The babies and I took an entire morning to play in our bedroom. It was really fun to intentionally focus on each other.

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