Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting Some Sun

But not too much sun, which is very easily done. Believe it or not, I feel like I will come back to visit the states with less of a tan than I came to Borneo with. 

When by myself at home, getting outside takes more planning and thought. Here are a few reasons...

It is hot out.
Like, so hot. My hair has been a frizzy poof or in a bun off my neck and face almost every day since we've been here.  I was outside with the babies for 10-15 minutes and Eli got a little sun burn on his sweet nose and cheeks. When Dan gets home from work (CrossFit) I rarely give his drenched, sweaty self a hug.

We have twins.
Amazing, beautiful, adorable, lovely twins. Who take a lot of forethought when making the decision to go out of the apartment. Diaper bag, diaper bag contents, strollers, how I will actually get both babies down the stairs and into the car/stroller, nap schedules, eating schedules, etc. 

It is the rainy season.
It rains at least once a day now. So, even if I get the twins all ready to go, by the time they're ready it could be raining cats and dogs. And it rains HARD - thunder, lightning, the whole show. 

I've been better about getting them outside at least a little bit. Here are a few pictures of the babies during our walk around the apartment building and outside in the weird, empty, ceilingless room we have.

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  1. You may be hot, but those are some cute kids in the sunglasses!
    We have those same clouds here! Amazing.
    Love, Peggy