Friday, December 13, 2013

The Cutie Pie Culprits

I have heard countless parents tell me that as long as they can hear their kids playing, they know their little ones are not getting into trouble. It is the silence that makes our ears perk up and our alarms go off. I had my first, gentle experience with this today.

There I was, baking their broccoli in the kitchen when I suddenly noticed... nothing. There were no sounds coming from the next room. Usually there are squeals, screeches, something. I walked into the living room, checked around the couch, and peeking over were two faces covered in powdered formula. That's the last time I leave the diaper bag on the floor for their little hands to creep into.

They were pretty adorable, patted down with the creamy powder. So, before their baths I snapped a couple photos of the "Cutie Pie Culprits" (their calling card).

1 comment:

  1. And so good for your skin! They may have invented a whole new skin care product - you can eat it, too :)