Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pool Day!

Our sweet friends have a pool in their complex and let us come take a dip! Every time Eli has been in water like this (James' kiddie pool, Opa's hot tub pool, Devil's Lake, the ocean...) he has cried and cried. It would take him a couple tries or it would just not work at all. This time he loved it! He just lounged in that floaty and relaxed the morning away. Eleanor loved splashing her hands in the water and Daddy even took her under once :) We were there from 9am-10am and even then it was HOT in the sun. Me and my Norwegian skin were thankful for the shady areas. 

Diaper explosion... oops!
Beautiful pool, lovely friends, sunny day!
Splashes and giggles!

In my hometown of Baraboo, WI the wind chill is currently about -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Stay safe, everyone. And watch for ways to help those who have less opportunity to stay out of the cold. 

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