Thursday, January 16, 2014

Reebok CrossFit 673 2014 Consumer Fair Competition

What an exciting and busy month it has been leading up to the Consumer Fair! Dan has been the busiest of bees while preparing Reebok CrossFit 673's booth at the International Convention Center. We were invited to be the Activity Partner and were privileged to have a booth front and center, next to the main stage - quite the prime location. The Consumer Fair was Wednesday through Sunday with the competition on Friday and Saturday. 

I am still a beginning beginner, but the events were programmed so that any crossfitter would be able to participate. I eventually decided to compete! I was pretty nervous about joining in on the fun, but had good reminders that my value isn't determined by my performance and my worth isn't dependent on what others may think. I thank God for that. 

After overcoming those fears I was able to test my fitness and see what areas need improvement, but mostly I was able to enjoy new friendships with people from the box. The other women who participated are excellent - they are friendly, caring, strong, brave, and beautiful. I couldn't have asked for better company. 

My personal goals changed as the events went on. At first I wanted to compete with whoever was at my level. No one was :) so I changed my goal to finishing the WODs under certain times. Then I changed my goal to just finishing the WODs. Then my shoulders started hurting and I changed my goal to cheering on the others, supporting the Box, and keeping myself injury free, taking "Did Not Finish" in the last two events. I gave it my all and know I made a good decision to stop competing once my shoulders felt shot. 

The women competed hard! The top three standings are:
1. Mandy Tay
2. Rachael Lee
3. Michelle Two

The men had a battle tie breaker for third place! They tested their times for a 500m row. Their top three standings are:
1. Naz
2. Fun
3. Loris

We even had more press! Here is an article featuring an interview with the gorgeous Dan Aderton ;)

And as you'll see at the end of the following video, people really enjoyed our booth - even Jolibee!

And, as always, the babies thrilled everyone.

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  1. So proud of you, Anna! Great video! Now one of the babies?!