Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ten Months!

People, we are in the double digits now. Oh my goodness!

The Twinsies have been sick for a couple weeks now. I kept delaying these pictures because I thought, "I'll just wait until they're feeling all better." But that could end up being close to their eleven month pictures. So, the pictures you are about to see are pretty blurry, there are red eyes from crying, they are in their pajamas, and everyone looks uncomfortable - but that's the reality of what recent life has been like here! 

Eleanor's Notables
Has two bottom & two top teeth!
Has stood up unassisted
Now despises eggs
Is super active and crazy
Has the saddest sick cry

Elijah's Notables
Has two bottom teeth and two about to pop through on top!
No longer flops like a fish - has mastered the crawl
Just wants to eat bananas and cheerios
Is super chill and loves to be held
A pretty easy sick baby

For a little more insight into our last couple weeks, as well as this particular photo session, here is the reality of Elijah's two minutes in front of the iPhone lens.
(I promise we were trying to make him smile this whole time)

The babies play really well together. Before their naps I will usually let them play in their room for a bit until I put them in their pack n plays. Today, I decided it was time for their nap, I went into their room to pick up a sad sounding Eleanor, and found this little guy all tuckered out! Even with his loud sister playing and crawling all around him, he just fell right asleep. He is tired. He is not feeling well. He is going to fall asleep on the floor with his teddy. 

We are all doing our best here in the Aderton household.

I'm going to go drink my coffee now. 

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