Thursday, January 23, 2014

Two Sick Babies - AKA The Double Cuddle

Well, I assumed this would happen at some point. They share spoons, put their hands in their own and each other's mouths, chew on the same toys, etc. It was bound to happen. They have had fevers among an array of other symptoms for the last week. Teething may also be to blame.

Often I'm home alone and both want to be cuddled. They let me know just how badly they want to be cuddled through their crying and the way they frantically climb over their brother/sister as if they were scaling a great mountain on a quest to save all the world with nothing but their rattle and diaper. It took a couple tries, and a few fails, but I've mastered the double cuddle.

A. Have both Twins within reaching distance. They are both crying and will be easy to locate.
B. Twin #1 assumes Double Cuddle position on the right side of your body and all is well.
C. Using all athleticism and coordination you have, scoop up Twin #2 with your strangely muscular left arm.
D. Use as much of your right hand as you can spare to help maneuver Twin #2 into Double Cuddle position, being careful to not squeeze Twin #1.
E. This particular move may take some practice as Twin #2 has probably toppled on top of Twin #1 and completely reversed any effects you were hoping for the Double Cuddle to have.
F. Twin #1 will most likely be crying pretty hard at this point as she/he thought their cuddle time was about to begin but instead it became a ruckus with brother/sister's tiny fingers poking them in the eye. Do your best to gently bounce both Twin #1 & #2 as they try to put your hair in their mouths.
G. You are likely panting like a dog in the sun, out of breath, with very little hair left in your cute top knot. Resign to this fact and take in every single precious second of the mind-blowing love explosion of the Double Cuddle. This will be much harder to do when they are in high school.

I do not have a picture of the Double Cuddle, yet. But here is a picture of another skillful exercise in which I get both babies up on the couch and into bottle drinking position. This picture was taken about a month ago and I have since discovered that this positioning is flawed. It is better for the twins to be head to head as to avoid any kicks in the face!


  1. You'll have to teach me the double cuddle technique in June!!

  2. Awesome maneuvering! I can picture in my mind the double cuddle. Yes, you should have some great arm muscles.
    Thanks for sharing. Always a highlight to read your entries.