Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eleven Months!

The Twinsies are eleven months old!

Around 9 months I started noticing that I was doing something I said I wouldn't do. I was grouping them together. Yes, I say, "the twins" or "the babies" a lot, and will continue to do so, but more than semantics I was considering them a single unit rather than individuals. I made a conscious effort to stop that. Now, even if I tried to see them as a single unit, I don't think I could! Their personalities, likes, dislikes, etc are exploding so much that it would be near impossible. It is an amazing thing to see two lives developing, side by side, right before my eyes. I love having twins - it is a blessing like none other. 

Eleanor's Notables
Taking lots of steps! PR'd at 12 ;)
Has six teeth!
Clapping fanatic
Mimicking movements like pointing at her nose
Loves to pull open drawers and take everything out
People have commented on her personality really coming out this month

Elijah's Notables
Big fan of clapping
Has a seventh tooth poking out!
Loves to play "catch" with Dan's soccer ball
Listens and obeys when we say "no"
A very good eater

And for kicks and giggles...

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  1. Fantastic! They are very different yet wonderful together as playmates. Thanks so much for the update. 12 months is coming soon. And so are those steps and running. You and Dan will be busy chasing them around.