Friday, February 21, 2014

See You!

I have confused a number of people in the past four months, for many reasons I'm sure, but mainly for using the phrase, "see you later". There have been multiple times when I have used the phrase, "see you later!" and someone replied with, "you will?" because to most people in Brunei, "later" implies, "later today". So, I've learned to cut my farewell short to just, "see you!" 

Well, my friend, Michelle, left this week to continue her studies in Australia. We got to know each other at the box during the 8:30am class with many other fun, strong, beautiful women (& the occasional man). After her last morning WOD we went out for breakfast and were educated on the different fruits and veggies of Brunei (thanks Maria!). 

Michelle is someone who picks up your equipment for you while you lay panting on the floor after a WOD, has a welcoming smile on her face, and has many giggles to share. I will miss her a lot and I know our fellow morning WODders will too. 

So, Michelle, I'll see you!

(Thanks to my friends who let me use their pics)

looking at the meat counter, not doing well at hiding my emotions


  1. Anna!!! shucks, Thank u so much, such kind sweet words :), i love when u said 'picks up your equipment for you while you lay panting on the floor' LOL *smiling widely*. A lovely post babe ;-). I'll see u soon; Anna, Eli, Eleanor and Dan.

  2. Love it! Was such a lovely morning, think we should do it more regularly.. Maybe once a month. .. In honour of Mich of course! !! ;)