Sunday, November 2, 2014

Alone Together

The twins have a beautifully synched sleep schedule. This was a deliberate decision from the very beginning in order to in hopes of maintaining a smidgin of sanity in those majorly desperate sleep deprived days. Those babies went to sleep, I did whatever I needed to do (pump, shower, eat, wave to Dan from across the room), and then I had a good hour and a half to catch up on my shut eye. *shudder* *tears* *fist pump* Cue the Rocky Theme Song because I can obviously do anything after that. This is also what I tell myself during particularly difficult WODs. 

They are still on the same nap and bedtime schedule, which I mostly love. The only downside is that I rarely get alone time with either. But there are times, like this afternoon, when one will wake up and the other won't. One will be crying to be bailed out of pack n play prison and the other stays curled up in dream land. If I open the door to their room with the silence of a Milford Man, then I can retrieve said crying child and have some fun alone time with him/her!

Today Eleanor woke up at the best time possible. This weekend we went to a costume party to which I brought little dirt cakes with gummy snakes. Delish. I had a ton of leftover whip cream starter that I didn't want to go bad, so I was whipping that up and monstrously devouring taste testing it with baby girl. It was so nice to spend an hour (Eli slept forever) with Ella, without any interruptions.

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  1. Another post already!! Good job! Love the pics of Ella -- how nice that you had some girl time.