Sunday, November 24, 2013

Eight Months

The Twinsies are eight months old!

While pregnant with the twinsies, I would think of certain adorable scenarios I would get to experience, being a mother of multiples. One of them has materialized and it is more fun that I imagined! 

While I was in our back room I heard the twins both start laughing together. I stopped what I was doing, they stopped laughing, and I went back to my task. Then they did it again and I hurried out into the main room to find them just sitting in a corner together, laughing so hard! Now, when I put them in their side-by-side pack n' plays, they giggle with each other for about ten minutes before they cry and go to sleep. The cuteness is almost unbearable.

Last month I had a week of "Oh my gosh... I have twins..." *straight face* *ugly tears* We were moving into our new place, there was a lot of work to do, and I was letting my circumstances steal my joy. It was not fun. 

I'm thankful to be back in a place of peace and unselfishness. I'm thinking "Oh my gosh! I have twins!" *big smile* *happy tears* 

There's almost always types of tears.

Moving on.

Eleanor's Notables
Sitting up!
Pushes herself up into sitting position
Scooting about - like crawling, gets where she wants to be
Laughs at/with Eli!
Eating larger chunks of food instead of straight purees 
Growth spurting - eating so much!

Elijah's Notables
Sitting up!
Pushes himself up into sitting position
Flops about like a fish - like crawling, gets where he wants to be
Laughs at/with Ella!
Eating larger chunks of food instead of straight purees 
Super ticklish in his arm pits

They decided to not smile at the same time. Alright, babies, alright.


  1. Great pictures! Beautiful babes! Keep 'em coming. (The pics, I mean.)

  2. Hi Anna,
    Whenever I am in need of a smile or an outright laugh or some visual encouragement (like now with our sloooowwly draining sink), I turn on the computer and see what you all are up to!
    Amazing! Those two little ones sure look like their family line and have the cheerful personalities of their parents!
    What fun. Thanks so much for the thoughtful entries.
    Now, back to the sink...actually it seems to be working better...found a good cleaner for black grease: Borax and lemon juice paste. Clean as the white of snow. Oh, don't miss that midwest too much.
    Love, Peggy